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8550 ShatterBox®

The Spex ShatterBox is a versatile ring and puck mill that can crush and grind many types of samples.

  • Stores up to 10 customizable grinding methods
  • Accommodates various grinding dishes
  • Industrial-grade modular electronics
  • Robust IP65 rated industrial interface

8530 ShatterBox®

Swing mill with sound-proof enclosure that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 2 to 150 grams.

  • Grinds samples in the 2 to 150 gram range
  • 8507R Multiple-Sample Rack permits processing of three smaller samples.
  • 10-minute electronic timer with LCD display and environmentally safe, push-button membrane switch.
  • Cam-activated clamp requires only moderate hand pressure to secure the grinding dish in the Shatterbox and is adjustable for containers of different heights.