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Fields of Application

  • Materials Science
  • Glass and Ceramics
  • Geology and Mining
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Cement & Construction Materials
  • Cannabis/Hemp
  • Agriculture & Plant Research
  • Nuclear Research and Remediation
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biomedical Research
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  • Food Safety

Scientific Publication

Reference publications with citations to SPEX® SamplePrep products.

SPEX products are frequently cited in scientific research publications around the world. The following list provides examples for some of our products. To view thesearticles please click on the link. Please note, not all articles are available free of charge. For similar publications please search for our product name and your sample or application online using Google Scholar.

*Please note that by clicking on any links below, you will be taken to a website outside of the spexsampleprep.com domain. We believe that the information contained in these websites will be useful and interesting, however, SPEX SamplePrep cannot verify the accuracy of the information these websites contain. Providing links to a non-SPEX SamplePrep Web site does not constitute an endorsement by SPEX SamplePrep.


Caspase cleavage of GFAP produces an assembly-compromised proteolytic fragment that promotes filament aggregation

MH Chen, TL Hagemann, RA Quinlan, A Messing... - ASN neuro, 2013

Brain samples were homogenized in SDS lysis buffer (50 mM, Tris-HCl (pH 7.4), 5 mM EDTA, 2%
(w/v) SDS, 1 mMPefabloc SC (Sigma- Aldrich) and Complete™ Mini protease inhibitor mixture
(Roche Applied Science, Mannheim, Germany) using a Geno/Grinder tissue homogenizer.

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Residue change of pyridaben in apple samples during apple cider processing

Y Han, F Dong, J Xu, X Liu, Y Li, Z Kong, X Liang, N Liu... - Food Control, 2013

10mL ethyl acetate was added and the mixture was placed on a Geno/Grinder mechanical
shaker (SPEX SamplePrep, USA) for 5 min at 1200 strokes min -1. A total of 4 g of anhydrous
MgSO 4 and 1 g of NaCl were added and vortexed with an XW-80A Vortex.

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Simultaneous determination of residues in pollen and high-fructose corn syrup from eight neonicotinoid insecticides by liquid chromatography–tandem mass

M Chen, EM Collins, L Tao, C Lu - Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2013

Analyst software version 1.4.1 from AB SCIEX was used for data acquisition andprocessing; 1500 ShaQer from SPEX SamplePrep (Metuchen, NJ, USA) was used formixing samples in the QuEChERS extraction procedure.

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Quantitative analysis of neonicotinoid insecticide residues in foods: implication for dietary exposure

M Chen, L Tao, J McLean, C Lu - Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

The ShaQer 1500 from SPEX SamplePrep (Metuchen, NJ, USA) was usedfor mixing samples in the QuEChERS extraction procedure. The tube was subsequentlyshaken for 30 seconds in ShaQer at 1500 strokes per minute.

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Freezer/Mill® Cryogenic Grinders

Y-chromosomal analysis identifies the skeletal remains of Swiss national hero Jo rgJenatsch (1596 - 1639)

J Purps, M Geppert, S Willuweit, L Roewer... - 2013

Samples were taken during the exhumation by two experienced researchers, with all
necessary precautions. After UV radiation to decontaminate the surface, the samples were
pulverized with a cryogenic mill (6770 Freezer/Mill®, SPEX SamplePrep).

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Proteomic Analysis of Liver in Rats Chronically Exposed to Fluoride

HAB da Silva Pereira, A de Lima Leite, S Charone... - PLOS ONE, 2013

Livers were washed in an ice-cold buffer (100 mM Tris, 1 mM EDTA, 1 mMphenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride (PMSF), pH 7.4), and rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen. The frozentissue was homogenized in a cryogenic, model 6770 Freezer Mill (Spex, Metuchen, NJ, USA).

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Hydrogen Uptake of High-Energy Ball Milled Nickel-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composites

S Rather, KS Nahm - Materials Research Bulletin, 2013

Purified MWCNTs (0.8 g) were mixed with Ni (0.5 g) with size less than 150 μm in an
argon-filled glove box and put in a hardened steel crucible. Milling was carried out in a
high-energy ball mill (SPEX 8000 Mixer) for 8 hrs at room temperature.

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A simple approach for superior performance of lithium/sulfur batteries modified with gel polymer electrolyte

SS Zhang, DT Tran - Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014

Apowder (≥99.5%, Sigma-Aldrich) was added into a 7 mL polyethylene vial, to which was added deionizedwater until 20 approximately 6% solid content, followed by shaking with a stainless steel ball
having a diameter of 5 mm for 2 h on a 5100 Mixer Mill® machine (SPEXCertiPrep).

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Interpretation of Late Quaternary climate and landscape variability based upon buried soil macro-and micromorphology, geochemistry, and stable isotopes of soil

HA Meier, SG Driese, LC Nordt, SL Forman, SI Dworkin - CATENA, 2013

Whole-soil and buried soil samples were oven-dried at 40°C and milled in a ShatterBox for commercial analysis by X-Ray fluorescence,ICP-AES, and ICP-MS at ALS-Chemex, Inc.

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Laboratory Pellet Press

The Use of Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-TOF-MS) to Identify the Elemental Composition of Vanilla...

EM Hondrogiannis, E Ehrlinger, APoplaski, M Lisle - Journal of Agricultural and Food ..., 2013

Material is frozen in a container immersed in solid carbon dioxide, and 50 g are further ground ... All vanilla samples and NIST standards were pressed into pellets using a SPEX 3630 X-Press® and a 3614 40 mm Evacuable Die set. ...

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Freezer/Mill® Cryogenic Grinders

Standard Operating Procedure for Determination of Phthalates

Consumer Product Safety Commission

This document provides detailed information on test methods that will be used by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) testing laboratory (LSC) for the analysis of phthalate content in children’s toys and child care articles covered by the standard set forth in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Section 108.

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Identification and quantification of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa L. plants by high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Oier Aizpurua-Olaizola, Jone Omar, Patricia Navarro, Maitane Olivares, Nestor Etxebarria, Aresatz Usobiaga

The plant samples were cryo-milled under liquid nitrogen at 660 rpm during 4 min (SPEX SamplePrep, 6770 Freezer/ Mill, Madrid, Spain) and stored frozen (–20 °C) in amber glass vials until their analysis (maximum 1 mo)...

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Associative nitrogen fixation (ANF) in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) across a nitrogen input gradient

Roley SS, Duncan DS, Liang D, Garoutte A, Jackson RD, Tiedje JM, et al. PLoS one, 2018

Soil and grass samples were dried in an oven at 60°C. Once the samples had dried to constant temperature, they were weighed, ground to a fine powder in a SPEX Shatterbox (Metuchen, NJ, USA), and packed in tin capsules for isotopic analysis. (School of the Environment, Washington State University)

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