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PCRmax® ALPHA 4 Thermal Cycler

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PCRmax® ALPHA 4 Thermal Cycler

Speed. Confidence. Value. Sensitivity. Performance

The PCRmax® Alpha Cycler Range

The PCRmax® ALPHA 4 Thermal Cycler is available in the following configurations:
3x384 / 1x96 Well (#93945-04)
2x384 / 2x96 Well (#93945-06)
4x384 Well (#93945-08)
1x384 / 3x96 Well (#93945-10) 
4x96 Well
 Most Popular! (#93945-12)


The PCRmax Alpha Cyclers are developed to deliver not only the best quality data you can expect from a thermal cycler but also to innovate and exceed the high standards expected by the community. 

The Alpha Cycler 4 (AC-4) is the only true fully independently controllable multi-block thermal cycler available today. PCRmax developed this system not only with the high throughput market in mind but also for standard throughput and multiple user environments who are space conscious and have requirements for multiple users and block formats.

Program Wizard
All Alpha Cycler systems also contain a novel Program Wizard which allows users to automatically optimize a PCR protocol. Let the Alpha Cycler's Program Wizard optimize your reaction for you, simply:

  • Input the forward and reverse primer sequences, define the amplicon length and source of the template and the built-in and validated algorithms will define a bespoke protocol for your target.
  • Program Wizard allows for high specificity touch down PCR and will accommodate for GC/AT imbalances in your target sequence to get optimal Tms and hold times.

Program Storage
Set the Alpha Cycler to display Favorite, Most Frequent or Most Recently used programs on the home screen for easy and fast access. No need at all to access the system's memory or hunt though files, just select, confirm and run.

All Alpha Cyders are driven by the same software allowing for simple use and transition between instruments for both users and protocols. The intuitive Android interface makes the system easy to use with minimal to no training. Alpha Cycler software is clear and simple to follow.

Remote Monitoring via Alpha Track App
Users can scan the displayed QR code to allow them to remotely check on run status and the health of the system, to give confidence in the system's continued performance. Alpha Track will:

  • Start a countdown clock of all running blocks on the unit.
  • Allow users to specify alarm notifications for system finish.
  • Check on the progress of runs.
  • Send health reports to have the system checked for any errors or deviations from system performance.

System Health Checks
Each QR code scanned with Alpha Track contains a health check on the system. This report can be sent to service teams who can diagnose any issues with any system anywhere in the world and report back to the individual any issues the system may be having. It's like a service visit every time the system is run.

USB Logins
Users can make any USB device their own login key. This means users don't need to remember passwords for each system, they simply insert the USB key to login which:

  • Sets all defaults to the user's specific settings.
  • Allows access to logged in user programs.
  • Protects programs from being accessed by any other user.
  • Allows users to use multiple systems in different locations like their own unit. Simply remove the USB and the user is logged out and their programs are not displayed on the system.

CE Marked and UL Listed

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Accessories
  • Documents
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  • 96 or 384 well format (Options: All 96 or all 384, 96 and 3x384, 2x96 and 2x384, or 3x96 and 1x384)
  • Active Sample cooling - For sharper amplification and minimal non-specific amplification
  • Report generated on run conditions and state following completion of protocol
  • Compact - Save precious labspace by condensing four truly independent blocks into one chassis with no networking issues or connectivity concerns
  • Android driven 10” tablet interface - Quad core speed and excellent connectivity and feel
  • Scalable - Chose from any combination of 96 or 384 well blocks
  • Gradient - Allowing for simplified temperature optimisation, no matter the block chosen
  • Programme Wizard - Generate a protocol specific to your sequence, template source and amplicon length in seconds
Format Quad block
Maximum number of programs stored 1000
Maximum fan noise 50 dB single block running, 55-58 db four blocks running
Type 8 peltier elements
Adjustable heated lid temperature 95 to 239 °F (35 to 115 °C) or off
Heated lid pressure Adjustable
Program interface 10 inch HD Android Touchscreen
Data transfer USB port
Auto re-start on power failure Yes
Dimensions (L x W xH) 27.6 in x 21 in x 13 in (700 mm x 535 mm x 330 mm)
Weight 99 lb (45 kg)
Block options 96 or 384 well format (Options: All 96 or all 384, 96 and 3x384, 2x96 and 2x384, or 3x96 and 1x384)
Voltage 100-230, 50-60 Hz
Power 1600 W
Electricity used in a standard 2 step, 30 cycle program (single block running) c0.3 kWh
Maximum heating rate 38.12 °F (3.4 °C) per second
Block temperature range 50 to 212 °F (10 to 100 °C) (39.2 °F (4 °C) final hold)
Block uniformity at 55C ± 32.5 °F (0.3 °C)
Temperature accuracy at 131 °F (55 °C) ± 32.45 °F (0.25 °C)
Gradient Yes (on 96 and 384 blocks)
Maximum gradient 84.2 °F (29 °C)
Minimum gradient 33.8 °F (1 °C)
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