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Same Site, Different Look. Spex SamplePrep is now Cole-Parmer.

Sample Preparation Techniques

Fields of Application

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HG-200 GenoLyte® (part #1200)

Compact Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser

  • Clear lid allows you to see the grinding process.
  • Interchangeable vial holders for 6x 2mL vials, 4x 5mL vials, 2x 7mL vials or 2x 12mL vials. (Sold separately)
  • Lid has a safety interlock switch that stops the motor if the lid is opened during the grinding process.
  • Digital display screen shows run times in minute : second format.

HG-250 Temperature Controlled GenoLyte® (part #1200C)

The 1200C GenoLyte® is a powerful, compact, temperature controlled homogenizer. Ideal for applications involving sample preparation for DNA/RNA and protein extractions.

  • “Quick-connect” to cooling system
  • Sample temperature maintained between 0-10 °C
  • Preserve RNA and protein
  • Cool samples without freezing