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(8505-H) Alumina Ceramic Grinding Container Handles
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(8505-H) Alumina Ceramic Grinding Container Handles

Alumina grinding container (#8505) assembled with handles. Handle assembly allows grinding container to be lifted easily in and out of Shatterbox®.

  • Features
  • Product Support
  • Ideal for grinding extremely hard samples in the 8530 Enclosed Shatterbox®
  • Helpful addition to any laboratory’s grinding armory
  • Long-wearing, very abrasion-resistant, and moderate efficiency
  • Alumina components are 99.5% pure aluminum oxide
  • Suitable for slurry grinding
  • Nominal volume 170 mL
  • Recommended grinding load 15 – 50 mL
  • Typical composition: Major Elements – Al; Minor Elements – Si, Ca, Mg
  • Hardness: Mohs 9; Rockwell R45N 83; Knoop 2100


Weight 11 lb
CE Approved Yes
Outer Dimensions 3.2 in (h) x 8.9 in (diameter)
Sample Capacity - Grinding 15-40 mL
Typical Sample Size 40 g
Resistance to Abrasion Very high
Major Elements Al
Minor Elements Si, Ca, Mg
Durability Long-wearing
Hardness Mohs 9, Rockwell R45N 83, Knoop 2100
Comparative Efficiency Moderate
Slurry Grinding Yes

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