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7159 - High-Purity Graphite Crucible, 32 mL
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7159 - High-Purity Graphite Crucible, 32 mL

High-purity graphite crucible also capable of casting 33.7 mm glass disks. 50.8 mm O.D. x 38.1 mm tall. 33.7 mm I.D. with flat bottom. 32 mL capacity. Sold in packs of 10 crucibles.

Note: Glass disks cast in graphite crucibles will have rough faces which should be polished flat for analytical accuracy.

  • Features
  • Product Support
  • Specifically designed with a flat bottom for casting 33.7 mm diameter glass disks.
  • Cost effective alternative to precious metal crucibles and molds.
  • Disposable and eliminates the need for time-consuming cleaning procedures and the possibility of cross-sample contamination.
  • Chemically inert and heat-resistant.
  • Made of high-purity graphite with total metallic impurity limitsof 2 ppm.
  • Ideal for trace-level analytical work.


Overall Height 1.500in
Units/Pack 10
Material High Purity Graphite
Capacity 32ml
Inner Diameter 1.325in
Overall Outer Diameter 2.000in

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