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3642-150 - Cellulose Binder, 150 g
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3642-150 - Cellulose Binder, 150 g

≤ 20 μm powder, 150g bottle. Ideal for samples which crumble or ablate after pressing. Can be blended with sample at 10% by weight to form XRF sample disk, or used undiluted as sample matrix with Sleeve-and-Plunger Set. Will bond 200-250 disks or provide matrix for 25-35 supported sample disks.

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  • Ideal for samples which crumble or ablate after pressing.
  • Blends quickly and completely with samples at 10-25% by weight toform XRF sample disks.
  • Can be used undiluted as a sample matrix with the sleeve-and-plunger technique.
  • Will not stick to the pellet die nor contaminate the sample.
  • Does not cake in the bottle during storage.
  • Bonds 200-250 sample disks or provides matrix for 25-35 supportedsample disks.


Particle Size < | = 20

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