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(3623) 31 mm Evacuable Pellet Die Set
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(3623) 31 mm Evacuable Pellet Die Set

To form 31 mm standard sample disks for XRF. Set includes evacuable die body, base, plunger, two 31 mm polished steel pellets (3623ST), O-ring vacuum seals, and knock-out ring for sample disk extraction. Load limit 50 tons (45.4 metric tons); weight 6.6 lbs (3 kg). Compatible with SPEX SamplePrep 3619 and 3619A Spec-Caps. 31 mm Tungsten Carbide Pellets available (3623C).

  • Features
  • Product Support
  • Ideal for pressing sample disks for XRF analysis.
  • Ideal for pressing sample disks for XRF analysis.
  • Designed to fit all SPEX SamplePrep laboratory presses.
  • Compatible with other standard laboratory presses using stand-alone dies.
  • Vacuum hose attachment enables a vacuum pump to be hooked up to the die before and during pressing to withdrawal air and moisturefrom the sample.
  • Load limit: 50 tons (45.4 metric tons)
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs (3 kg)M
  • Use with 3619 30 mm Spec-Caps® and 3619A Pre-Flared 31 mm Spec-Caps® to reinforce pressed pellets and protect the die bore.
  • Compatible with 3623W 31 mm Sleeve-and-Plunger Set.
  • Alternative 3623C 31 mm Tungsten Carbide Pellets available.


Load Limit 50 tons

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