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(3619A) 31 mm Pre-Flared Spec-Caps®
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(3619A) 31 mm Pre-Flared Spec-Caps®

Pre-flared, shallow, thin-walled aluminum cap for reinforcing XRF pellets. Commonly used in the production of pressed power sample disks for XRF but also used for OES and other analytical techniques. Forms the bottom and sides of the finished pellet. 31 mm wide x 8 mm deep. Produces pellets 31 mm x 5 mm.

The 3619A has been preflared for a snug fit in the 3623 31 mm Evacuable Pellet Die, and has an unpainted surface. It may be substituted for the 3619 30 mm Spec-Cap in all applications where flaring is recommended. Eliminates need for 3618 Edge-Flaring Tool. Sold in units of 100.

  • Features
  • Product Support
  • Ensures a snug fit against the walls of the pellet die.
  • Prevents sample loss and pellet jamming.
  • Reinforces sample disks to resist chipping and breaking.
  • Makes sample disks easier to remove from the pellet die.
  • Minimizes contamination during sample handling.
  • Protects the bore of the pellet die from abrasive samples.
  • Compatible with 3623 31 mm Evacuable Pellet Die Set.


Diameter 31 mm
Depth 8 mm

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