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(3577) 31 mm Micro X-CELL®
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(3577) 31 mm Micro X-CELL®

Disposable micro X-ray cell with collar used through out the world for fast, dependable, reproducible running of small, air-sensitive or hazardous samples in XRF spectrometers. Includes two polyethylene snap-rings, collar, and open body. Requires thin window film. Sold in units of 100.

  • Features
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  • 6.3 mm window is centered in standard 31 mm sample holder.
  • Only requires 0.5 mL of sample.
  • Can be run with open back, sealed window back, or with 3524 Micro-porous Teflon® Film.
  • For hazardous or sensitive samples, top can be fitted with a standard 7 x 13 mm serum bottle closure for injection, purging, or sample isolation.
  • Made of contaminate-free polyethylene.
  • Designed to fit into the major suppliers of XRF spectrometers such as PANalytical, Rigaku, Bruker, and Thermo Instruments.


Overall Height .866in
Window Plane Outer Diameter 1.244in
Units/Pack 100
Material Polyethylene
Aperture 6.3mm
Capacity 0.5ml
Overall Outer Diameter 1.244in

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