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(2661) Cryo-Block for 15 mL Polycarbonate Cryovials
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(2661) Cryo-Block for 15 mL Polycarbonate Cryovials

Aluminum block holds fifteen 2252-PC-30 15 mL Polycarbonate Cryovials. Cryo-Blocks are chilled in the 2600 Cryo-Station and then used for high-throughput cryogenic grinding and to preserve pesticides, RNA, proteins, and other temperature sensitive samples. Sold in pairs.


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  • Enables high-throughput cryogenic grinding in the Geno/Grinder.
  • Maintains samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures during tissue homogenization and cell lysis.
  • Preserves pesticides, RNA, and proteins for heat sensitive extraction methods.
  • Increases yields by grinding samples at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Each pair holds up to 30 Cryovials for rapid and efficient samplepreparation.
  • Durable aluminum construction.
  • Must be used 2 at a time with the 2199 Large Clamp Assembly or 2189 Adjustable Clamp


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