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We are pleased to announce a revised and updated scientific reference book entitled "Physics and chemistry of borate fusion". The book is a complete resource for fusion techniques and methods.

This book was originally written some years ago by pioneers in the field of fusion. They based their theories on a scientific approach to a phenomenon that is very difficult to observe in traditional ways, in good part because of the high temperatures involved.

Hence, while many aspects of the chemistry of fusion understanding (as expressed by Claisse and Blanchette in the previous editions) are still valid today, more recent research conducted by Katanax suggests a complementary, slightly different perspective. So, the majority of the original text from the two authors is presented in its un-retouched version, but updates by Katanax have been added to the text.

Part I of the book contains the personal views of its original author (a physicist) who first documented the successful preparation of a fusion bead for X-ray fluorescence analysis (Claisse, 1956). The theories he proposed are based on an elementary knowledge of mineral chemistry, and he expected them to be challenged. His views were based on the concepts of acidity and neutrality, which have been shown to work quite well with fusion.

Part II starts with elementary instructions on how to make fusion beads for XRF analysis of oxide samples, and then moves on to procedures for the pre-oxidation of metal samples in the crucible prior to their fusion, an important new and promising application of the borate fusion technique.

It is an honor for Katanax to have obtained re-publishing rights to this historic book that has been used by many scientists as THE reference for fusion. Please fill out the form on the page to request your personal copy.

Borate Fusion Book

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Borate Fusion Book