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Determination of Mycotoxin Residues by LC-MS/MS Featuring Two Alternate Sample Extraction Procedures

Application Notes UCT-SP03:

Mycotoxins are toxic natural metabolites produced by several species of fungi on agricultural commodities in the field or during storage. To date more than 300 mycotoxins, possessing varying degrees of toxicity, have been identified, although only a relatively few of these are widely accepted as presenting a significant food or animal feed safety risk [1]. Mycotoxins are chemically stable and cannot be destroyed during food processing and heat treatment, thus, monitoring these compounds in food is an important health, agricultural production, food processing and trade concern. The analysis of mycotoxins is challenging due to the large number of compounds to be detected and the wide physicochemical properties they possess. Additionally, typical food commodity matrices are complex in nature and often contaminated with several mycotoxins at low concentrations. 

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