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Mechanical Alloying with the Mixer/Mill

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Application Notes How to guide:
Apparatus: 8000M Mixer/Mill®
Application: Producing Super Alloys

SPEX SamplePrep 8000-series Mixer/Mills are routinely used for pulverizing rocks, minerals, sand, cement, slag, ceramics, catalyst supports, and hundreds of other brittle, often hard samples. Typically, samples are ground  then blended with binder before being pressed into sample discs for XRF analysis, or dissolved into solution for ICP analysis. The vigorous motion of the clamp is also excellent for making emulsions, such as paints, inks and pharmaceuticals. Mixer/Mills have also recognized for their ability to mechanically alloy small quantities of superconductor materials. 

Mechanical alloying, also referred to as reactive milling, is a process originally developed for the production of oxide dispersion strengthened superalloys. Today, mechanical alloying is often used as a solid-state powder processing technique that generates powders with unique microstructures. A high-energy ball mill can be used to accomplish this. Over the past few decades, the 8000M Mixer/Mill, widely known as the “SPEX Mill”, has become the industry standard for mechanical alloying applications. Benefits of this mill include the high energy of the milling action, continuous forced air cooling and the durability of the motor which allow running for extended periods.

The 8000M Mixer/Mill is equipped with a timer that is factory set for a 100 minute time range. However, mechanical alloying requires significantly longer grinding times. For these applications, we offer an optional chip to extend the timer range to 10,500 minutes. This chip is available as either a factory-installed or user-installed option. Due to additional wear that can occur on the Mixer/Mill from extended running times, installation of this chip changes the warranty terms and a routine schedule of preventative maintenance is strongly suggested. For additional information please contact our SPEX SamplePrep application specialist.

Over the years, hundreds of articles have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals regarding the Mixer/Mill and its use for mechanical alloying. This includes mechanical alloying techniques, evaluations of grinding vial materials, and numerous other topics. The following publication list is intended to highlight some key publications and is not intended to be comprehensive. If you are considering the Mixer/Mill for your own mechanical alloying application, we encourage you to do your own search for application publications and references.