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Excellent sample preparation is the foundation of high quality analytical results.

For over 65 years SPEX® SamplePrep
 has been the leading sample preparation solutions provider to analytical scientists worldwide.  Our range of high performance and easy to use mill, grinders, homogenizers, presses and fusion fluxers are used for a wide range of analytical techniques including AA, ICP, GC/MS, PCR and XRF.   

Our goal is to make the sample preparation process simple while increasing throughput, ensuring reproducibility and minimizing contamination.

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Cryogenic Grinding of Candy Corn in the Freezer/Mill®

Some samples are impossible to grind at ambient temperatures. The Freezer/Mill® is a programmable cryogenic grinder specifically designed for milling and grinding of tough or temperature sensitive samples. Samples are placed in sealed cryogenic grinding vials then immersed in liquid nitrogen (LN). The samples are cooled to cryogenic temperatures then ground by a magnetically shuttling impactor.

Since the vials are sealed, the cryogenic grinder maintains the integrity of

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SPEX Speaks Science Podcast

Posted 5/14/2020
SPEX Speaks Science is hosted by a rotating cast of chemists and industry experts. From highlighting the hidden chemistry in our everyday lives to discussing relevant industry topics, SPEX Speaks Science looks to deliver informative content to the scientific community.SPEX Speaks Science is presented by SPEX CertiPrep. SPEX CertiPrep has been servicing the scientific community since 1954. We are a leading manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and Calibration Standards for Analytical Spectroscopy and Chromatography. Listen Now

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