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8000M Mixer/Mill® High-Energy Ball Mill

High-energy ball mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 0.2 - 10 grams.

  • Wide selection of grinding and mixing vials available including hardened steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride, agate, polystyrene, methacrylate, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. 
  • Variable-range electronic timer is factory-set for 100-minute range.
  • The 8010 and 8011 Multiple-Sample Adapters permit processing of multiple smaller samples.
  • Steel housing protects the clamp mechanism and rugged construction ensures a long life of heavy work. 

8000D Mixer/Mill® High-Energy Ball Mill

Dual clamp, high-energy ball mill that grinds up to 0.2 - 10 grams of dry, brittle samples.

  • Accepts all SPEX SamplePrep Mixer/Mill(R) Grinding and Mixing Vial Sets.

  • Also called a shaker mill or high-energy ball mill.

  • Dual clamps enable multiple sample processing for high-throughput applications.

  • Efficient two-clamp laboratory mill commonly referred to as the "SPEX Mill".

5100 Mixer/Mill® High-Energy Ball Mill

Small high-energy ball mill that grinds hard, brittle samples.

  • Also called a shaker mill or high-energy ball mill.
  • Equipped with safety interlock system for operator protection.
  • For grinding samples in the 0.2 - 1.5 gram range or mixing up to 5 mL of sample.
  • Highly effective laboratory impact grinder and blender offering many advantages over other small mixers.