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KP1010A - 40 mm Reinforced Platinum Mold
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KP1010A - 40 mm Reinforced Platinum Mold

Round, reinforced platinum mold made of 95% Pt/5% Au. 48 grams. 40 mm inner diameter.

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  • Used during borate fusion to form 40 mm glass disks for XRF analysis.
  • Made of 95% platinum alloyed with 5% gold, the standard non-wetting alloy for borate fusions.
  • Ticker rim and bottom give greater durability, longer lifespan, and better temperature control.
  • Can be used one at a time in the K1 Automated Electric Fluxer andfive at a time in the K2 Automated Electric Fluxer.
  • Compatible with the K1’s KP0040A 40 mm Mold Holder.

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